Location & Parking

We're at Ocean Park Beach in Santa Monica, just a few steps north of the Perry's Cafe located at 2600 Ocean Front Walk in Santa Monica (NOT that address in Venice, and NOT the Perry's located at 2400 Ocean Front Walk!).  

We have a blue banner and a red sign in front of our court.

Park in Lot 5 South for $1/hr or $10/day, and if that's full then go to Lot 4 South which is also really close and has the same prices.

If you can't find us, call or text 213-446-3771.  But you will find us, don't worry!

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Text, Call or Email Us

2600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, California 90405, United States

Charlotte Wasserstein, Esq., Owner Phone: 213-446-3771 Email: info@santamonicabeachvolleyball.com